Get More Than A Place To Live With The Rive Lifestyle.

College is full of stress — trying to learn and study while sharing a cramped dorm room or enduring the noise of apartment life. The Rive is the perfect SDSU student home. We are a relaxed, centrally located community of beautiful updated cottage apartments.


The Rive Lifestyle elevates residential living by offering opportunities for entertainment, socialization, and personal growth. Our on-site events and services provide residents with a myriad of ways to have fun, blossom as students, and build relationships that last a lifetime.

  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations
  • Taco Tuesday and Waffle Wednesday
  • Breakfast on the Go
  • Freebie Fridays


Make use of various on-site wellness programs to be your best in class and beyond when you live The Rive Lifestyle. From fitness centers and exercise classes to yoga and spa amenities, we provide residents with everything they need to stay healthy and overcome the challenges of college life.

  • Wellness Giveaways: Workout Mats, Blenders, & Protein Shakes


Develop new skills, build your network, and jumpstart your career with The Rive Lifestyle. We partner with career centers, offer residents employment opportunities with our community and beyond, and host events that provide vital work experience and professional know-how.

  • Career Opportunities


We invest in every city we call home — at The Rive, we are committed to adding value to the communities we serve. By partnering with local businesses and collaborating with community stakeholders, we build positive connections and create new opportunities for residents and neighbors.

  • Building-Wide Events
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Monthly Town Halls


We partner with businesses of every size—local and national—to enhance our residents’ experience. From coffee roasters to skincare to healthy snacks, our brand partnerships elevate life at The Rive and help our partners build brand awareness with a crucial market: college students.

  • College Area Business District
  • Rolando Community Council
  • Retail Partnerships
    • L&L Hawaiian BBQ
    • Sharetea
    • Pokedon
    • UPS Pack & Ship Store
    • West Coast Confection